Liebe Wendland.Elbe Freunde,

zur Vermeidung der weiteren Ausbreitung des Coronavirus sind seit Anfang November in der Urlaubsregion Wendland.Elbe wieder jegliche touristische Aktivitäten untersagt.

Wir bedauern es sehr, Euch daher zur Zeit nicht in der Urlaubsregion Wendland.Elbe begrüßen zu können und bitten Euch: bleibt zuhause!

Vorerst gelten diese Regelungen bis einschließlich 18. April 2021. Wir halten Euch an dieser Stelle auf dem Laufenden.

Bleibt gesund und passt auf Euch auf!

Euer Wendland.Elbe-Team

***Until 18th April 2021 all travel for tourism purposes is prohibited within Germany. Please stay at home and healthy. Let’s keep each other safe!***

Borderland Tour (Grenzland-Tour)

Learn about the “Iron Curtain” days, lest we forget. Wendland was once border country. For far too long, the inner German border was omnipresent. It separated not only landscapes, cities, and villages, but also many families and friends. Even today you can recognize many remnants of this period such as border fences and towers as well as the former border crossing at Bergen on the Dumme. But unexpectedly, border security also protected nature. In this way, the “death strip” along the former border created a seam uniting valuable landscapes in which threatened animal and plant species found a protected habitat. Today, the “Green Belt” is the longest contiguous biotope in Germany, extending across several states.