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Could there be a place where Nature reveals itself just for you? Of course there is! And it’s right here. Anyway, you’ll believe it’s true as you immerse yourself in the meadows, marshlands, and forests of the Wendland region along the Elbe river. Right now, Nature is here for you alone. What you do to enjoy it is up to you: unwind, take it easy, gather strength from deep relaxation. Or get a move on, gain momentum, and really feel your own power.

In the Wendland.Elbe region, art and culture abound, literally right on the streets. You don’t believe it? You will when you see it. And hear it. And even touch and taste it. The Wendland.Elbe region is known not only for its landscape and historical monuments, but above all for the unique characters who live here.

Still don’t believe us? Then click around and have a look.


The region Wendland.Elbe is located in Lower Saxony, in North Germany.  It is in the most eastern corner of Lower Saxony.

Übersichtskarte der Region Wendland.Elbe ©Marketingbüro Wendland.Elbe

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