Herzlich Willkommen in der Urlaubsregion Wendland.Elbe! Aktuelle Informationen zu Corona-Themen im Wendland findest Du hier. Bleib gesund und bis bald!

*Welcome to the Wendland.Elbe region! Please check out the current Covid-19 guidelines for the Wendland here (in German)*.


Wild Wild Wendland: Could there be a place where Nature reveals itself just for you? Of course there is! And it’s right here. Anyway, you’ll believe it’s true as you immerse yourself in the meadows, marshlands, and forests of the Wendland region along the Elbe river. Just you, alone, with all of these colors, sounds, and scents.
Right now, Nature is here for you alone. What you do to enjoy it is up to you: unwind, take it easy, gather strength from deep relaxation. Or get a move on, gain momentum, and really feel your own power. Let yourself grow in Wendland -- just as Nature has done for years and years.