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Finding us is easy. There are lots of ways to get to Wendland.

You can travel by car, by train, or by ferry. However you like.

Just have a look at the map.


Get in touch. We’d be glad to hear from you!

Touristinfo Lüchow
+49 58 41/126 450

Touristinfo Hitzacker
+49 58 62/969 70

Touristinfo Gartow
+49 58 46/333

Arriving by car:

The nearest Autobahn highway is 40 km away. Here you slow down and relax even before you arrive.

Arriving by train:

  • Take the regional “Erixx” train to Hitzacker or Dannenberg.
  • Or take the regional express train to Schnega, Salzwedel, Stendal, Uelzen or Wittenberge/Elbe.
  • Or take the Intercity (IC) /Intercity Express (ICE) to Stendal, Uelzen or Wittenberge/Elbe.

Plan train travel with the Deutsche Bahn.