Indoor and outdoor swimming pools

Whether the sun shines or the rain falls from the sky. Slip into your bathing clothes and jump into the cool water in the indoor and outdoor pools. Step on the gas on the water slides, show what you can do on the 3-metre diving board or enjoy the days on the sunbathing lawns. Here you will find an overview of the indoor and outdoor swimming pools in the Wendland.Elbe holiday region.

Outdoor swimming pools

Stadtbad Dannenberg
Bäckergrund 32
29451 Dannenberg (Elbe)
Tel. +49 5861/7280

Freibad Hiddobad Hitzacker
Rieselweg 3
29456 Hitzacker (Elbe)
Tel. +49 5862/7287

Freibad Clenze
Am Freibad
29459 Clenze
Tel. +49 5844/1535

Natur- und Kulturbad Wittfeitzen
Groß Wittfeitzen 1
29496 Waddeweitz
Tel. +49 1520/1849739

Tannenbad Bergen
29468 Bergen an der Dumme
Tel. +49 5845/472

Waldbad Zernien
29499 Zernien
Tel. +49 5863/9835641

Indoor swimming pools

Hallenbad Dannenberg
Lindenweg 20
29451 Dannenberg (Elbe)
Tel. +49 5861/7150

LüBad – Hallenbad Lüchow
Plater Weg 7
29439 Lüchow
Tel. +49 5841/9793865

Wendland-Therme Gartow
Am Helk 1
29471 Gartow
Tel. +49 5846/444