Herzlich Willkommen in der Urlaubsregion Wendland.Elbe! Aktuelle Informationen zu Corona-Themen im Wendland findest Du hier. Bleib gesund und bis bald!

*Welcome to the Wendland.Elbe region! Please check out the current Covid-19 guidelines for the Wendland here (in German)*.

Event Calendar

You are at a certain time in Wendland in Lower Saxony and want to know what’s going on here? The event calendar informs you about all events and highlights in Wendland Elbe.

Not only big events like the music week Hitzacker (Elbe), the summer music days in Hitzacker (Elbe), the Schubertiaden in Schnackenburg or the Heideblütenfest but also different natural experiences, nature-, culture- and city tours are waiting for you! Or are you up for something completely different? Check out the calendar of events and pick out your favourite!