Dummewiesen Trail

Through the territory of salamanders and other amphibians

Between the community of Bergen and the village of Jiggel, the Dumme winds its way north. The Dumme lowlands provide a vibrant landscape with pristine streams, protected deciduous forests, and the colorful bloom of wetland meadows.

The hike begins at the information point in Bergen. First, it enters the “Upper Dumme Lowlands” nature reserve. Along the way, information panels provide information about this special habitat. Take a moment on the bridge to enjoy the moment. In the summer, hundreds of banded dragonflies hum through the air here. And just maybe you’ll see a kingfisher.

Further on is the “Gain” nature reserve. Pristine forests, extensive wetlands, and abundant meadows characterize this landscape. From the observation platform at the edge of the marsh you can watch birds searching for food. Amphibians are right at the top of the menu here, and you can even hear some of the frog calls at the audio station.

At the end of the trail, right at the Schnega mill creek, is the Rundling village of Jiggel. Its water mill is located above a ford that can still be used today. Every year, the wetland meadows produce a splendid sea of blooms. In the spring, white and yellow cuckoo flowers and marsh marigolds light up the meadows. The pink tones of the knotweed family and ragged robin flowers take over in the summer.

From the observation tower in Bergen you will have a terrific view of the Drawehn Ridge. At the old border and customs clearance area that was in operation until 1952, an information panel explains the situation at the former border. Conveniently situated with regard to traffic, Bergen on the Dumme was a border and customs location throughout history.