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Heike Bartels – Waldbaden (Shinrin-yoku)

© Heike Bartels
The so-called ‘Waldbaden’ (Shinrin-yoku)  is a Japanese nature-orientated method for relaxation and stress reduction. It is a guided immersion in nature, in which you consciously breathe in the healing air and experience nature. Heike Bartels offers this mindful being in the forest in the Wendland. You can expect a balanced mix of silence and conversation,…
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Churches and chapels

©Marketingbüro Wendland.Elbe
Only a few of the numerous churches and chapels in the Wendland are located directly in the centre of the village – space for places of worship was simply not provided in the Rundling villages. In addition to their extraordinary location, their architectural styles are also quite special. Of the almost 40 churches and chapels,…
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Wendland hautnah (Up Close and Personal)

Wendland Hautnah im Wendland
Wendland hautnah supports the arts, crafts, and the art of living. Creative power is tangible here. The dedication so typical of Wendland is on display for you in gardens, studios, and workshops. And you find open doors here everywhere – you just have to walk through! (Guided tours are offered in: German, English on request)
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Kaufhaus des Wendlands (Wendland’s Department Store)

Kaufhaus des Wendlands ©Kaufhaus des Wendlands
A little Wendland to take home with you. You won’t find such a concentration of beautiful and tasty Wendland products anywhere but here.
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Regional Market Hall in Dannenberg

Regionales aus dem Wendland
Take a tasting trip through the Wendland region and speak directly with the growers and producers. Colorful market life in a friendly atmosphere.
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Wendlandmarkt (Wendland market)

© Thorsten Hensel
The Wendland market in Lüchow is much more than a normal supermarket. In addition to a large selection of regional organic products, you will also find regional handicrafts from the artists of the Wendland and you can relax in the organic café with a view of the Jeetzel.
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Ökoregio (EcoLocal)

ÖKORegio im Wendland
Are the economy, ecology and local sourcing mutually exclusive? We don’t think so! See for yourself how well it works — on a tour through our EcoLocal regions.
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Oil manufacture Dreyer

© Karola Marquardt
In the mill of the Dreyer oil manufacture, which has existed since 1999, the edible oils are still bottled by hand after they have been freshly pressed and neither filtered nor preserved. A selection of about 25 different and fresh edible oils is available here. In addition to the diverse oils such as apricot kernel…
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Water adventure park

© Marketingbüro Wendland.Elbe
The element water fascinates both young and old. In the water adventure park you are on the track of water and can learn a lot of exciting facts – without missing out on fun and experience. The pirate ship is just one of the many highlights waiting to be explored by you.
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Wendländische Genuss-Manufaktur Senfgalerie (Mustard Gallery)

© Marketingbüro Wendland.Elbe
In the middle of the idyllic village of Nemitz, you will find the mustard gallery, a true Genuss-Manufaktur from the Wendland. Over 50 types of mustard, chutneys, spicy sauces, pepper and salt mixtures, liqueurs and spirits are produced here using only natural ingredients – of course without any colorings, flavors or preservatives. You will surely…
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