Herzlich Willkommen in der Urlaubsregion Wendland.Elbe! Aktuelle Informationen zu Corona-Themen im Wendland findest Du hier. Bleib gesund und bis bald!

*Welcome to the Wendland.Elbe region! Please check out the current Covid-19 guidelines for the Wendland here (in German)*.

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Hitzacker Health Cure

Recovery in the Kneipp health resort Hitzacker (Elbe)! “Nature is the best pharmacy! The naturopath Sebastian Kneipp already knew this at that time and supported his philosophy with the five basic principles water, plants, movement, nutrition and balance. The Hitzacker Kur takes up these five pillars and offers you an effective healing process with supporting…

Culture & Pleasure in Hitzacker (Elbe)

You are addicted to literature and would like to get to know the culture of the Wendland region? Then this cultural package with a literary city walk and the open-air museum Archaeological Centre Hitzacker (Elbe) is just right for you!

Culture & Pleasure in Hitzacker (Elbe)

Literature and culinary delights on the historic island of Hitzacker (Elbe) 2 nights in a double room in the 4-star Parkhotel Hitzacker 2 x rich breakfast buffet 1 x dinner 1 x Candle Light Dinner 1 x literary city walk "Stadtgeflüster" (city whispering) 1 x admission to the Hitzacker Archaeological Centre   Enjoy this wonderful…

Hitzacker Village

Hitzacker Village — Reinventing living and working. Constructing a new village and creating a new community. Families, refugees, and people of all ages from all over the world are building community here. The focus is on cross-generational and multi-cultural neighborhoods, democracy, responsibility for the common good, trust, and sustainability. An interesting and exciting project with…

Hitzacker Tourist Information

Kur- und Touristinformation Hitzacker (Elbe) Am Markt 7 29456 Hitzacker (Elbe) Tel: +49 (0)5862/969 70 Email: touristinfo@hitzacker.de  

Summer Music Days in Hitzacker

Discover, experience and enjoy the music. Discover unfamiliar composers and works. Experience chamber music in a festival atmosphere. Enjoy it at Germany’s oldest chamber music festival. Be bold and experience a musical rendezvous here, where music meets dance, literature and film.

Hitzacker Music Week

March is the time to enjoy the music. Music at all levels. Do you want music? You’ve got music. From baroque concerts to technical music lectures and even exhibits. Junior musicians also get a chance to develop their voices and be heard here — as soloists or in ensembles. In the spring, it’s Hitzacker that…

Hotel Hafen Hitzacker

Brilliant people surrounded by brilliant architecture. Sounds interesting! And that could be the description of your next conference. If that isn’t something!

DJH Hitzacker Youth Hostel

Insiders have long known that youth hostels aren’t just for the young or the young at heart. And that’s really true in Hitzacker (Elbe)! You’ll be amazed!

Parkhotel Hitzacker

Not only the stars above this hotel in Hitzacker will impress you, but also the hotel itself. Comfort and service are available in the country, too.